Your Mission Today

cherry blossom

I have a mission for you, if you choose to accept it.

I blogged a few weeks ago about John Donohue, a Celtic philosopher and poet who inspired me to find the beauty around me, right where I am. That afternoon I picked up the girls at the bus stop and whispered to them, “I have a job for you right now. You are a detective, and you are supposed to find one beautiful thing between here and home. Don’t tell me what it is until we get home.” Caroline picked the deep red berries on the holly bush on the corner.

That’s going to be my practice again for today — to find something beautiful that I wasn’t expecting, something I might have missed if I hadn’t had my eyes wide. I was going to make a quick dash downtown to see the cherry blossoms, which are at peak right now. But it’s a yucky day so I think I’ll go Friday. That makes today’s practice a little more challenging. I’ll be working on the computer for much of the day, in my blue room, then running a quick errand before picking up the girls.

Then again, maybe it’s not so challenging after all. Just this second a friend sent me an e-mail containing a screen shot of something that she called a “miracle.” It’s her story and her miracle so I won’t say what it is, but I agree, it is miraculous. And a thing of beauty.

Sometimes it comes to you.

That was a freebie, though. I’m still going to look around for something beautiful today and I invite you to do the same. I need to look at the world that way, because right now the world is a dead black boy in Florida and mean Internet comments and a law student who was called a slut for having an opinion. The world is protesters slaughtered in Syria and dead Jewish children in Toulouse and a soldier gone mad in Afghanistan. Surely there’s more to the world than that.

Later today I’ll come back and post the beautiful thing I found. And I want to hear about your beautiful thing too.

15 thoughts on “Your Mission Today

  1. theycallmejules

    Today I’m going to get in my car and burn fossil fuels on the freeway I hate the most the go to a beautiful city and talk about a beautiful book with some people you and I have in common. I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

  2. Kris

    When I put out the recycle I saw a couple of clumps of stray pansies blooming in the cracks at the base of the steps leading down to the sidewalk….seeded from last year’s sidewalk pots.

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  4. Anne

    Today I visited the dead sea scrolls exhibit in times square and copied. These beautiful words:
    “. . . And it always seems to me that if we dig deeply there, we will reach that layer of soil on which God’s footprints are still engraved.”
    Lash Goldberg, Israeli poet

  5. theycallmejules

    Found it! I went to a 5:30 aqua exercise class, since I was in Chicago a great deal of the day. I’ve never been at the pool at that hour–the sunlight streaming in through the windows and dancing on the water made it look as if it was lit from within. Gorgeous. 🙂

  6. Carol Bryan

    I watched our tiniest rescue dog become a certified therapy dog. She can now share her gifts with elderly nursing home patients.

    She had been abused (burned with hot tar), abandoned, landed in the animal shelter, rescued, hospitalized, fostered and, finally, adolpted into her forever home.

  7. Robert Braxton

    two or three days ago I was pleased to see at the table of our back deck a honey bee (I had not noticed one in years or decades).
    The bee was darker, not the honey color – but definitely a honey bee.
    A day later when I was doing garden work and going to and from our compost area, I noticed the bees entering and coming out of a very interesting area.
    It reminds me of the Biblical story of Samson – where bees took up in the carcass of a lion Samson had killed earlier.
    This was the basis of the riddle he thought gave him a “sure bet.”
    In any case, it is the upturned “roots” of a huge red oak tree which sank to the ground years ago.
    I declined to do anything “professional” with the base of the tree, knowing that “Nature” has been taking care of such situations for millions of years.
    Sure enough, the root system which initially was perhaps ten to twelve feet high (in diameter) has now worked down to four feet or less.
    There are also cave-like small openings among which the honey bees are now making their hive.
    A queen must have found the place to her liking.

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  9. Rachel Heslin

    Earlier this month, we met up with some friends for a live role-playing game that used the facilities of a TaxPlus office on Venice Blvd. in west LA. In the patio behind the building, I found this:


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