Today’s Moment of Parenting Zen

The first time he tried it, he fell down.

It was because he turned around to see me watching.

The secret, as I explained it, was that he couldn’t look back at me. He had to face forward, keep his eyes on where he was going, and trust that I was there behind him.


6 thoughts on “Today’s Moment of Parenting Zen

  1. Mamala

    He mastered this the other day with me too. I was so surprised that he wanted to do this. One of the trips downhill was a little tipsy, but he managed not to fall. Hope the lesson wasn’t too hard on him.

  2. Sarah

    Amen. Said/written with a little catch in my throat recalling similar moments in in the process of keeping the umbilical cord cut but heartstrings attached.

  3. Ted Fulmer

    If someone from another planet asked me to explain parenting I would show him that 20 seconds of video and say “That’s it in a nutshell – you’re proud, you’re scared and before you know it they are too far away for you to save them so you hope and pray it works out okay for them. Mostly it does, when it doesn’t you run to them.

  4. MaryAnn

    You know, I was planning to take another video from the front, but the light was all wrong. And I realized that this is the poignant angle.

    Oh, and at that moment Margaret fell and hurt herself…
    another parable of parenting.


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