The Best of the Sabbath Posts


Here are my most popular Sabbath posts to date:

Mission Impossible: Sabbath-Keeping with Teens and Sabbath with Teenagers, Continued

How to Handle Interruptions to Your Sabbath

A Non-Theist Likes Sabbath in the Suburbs

10 Ways to Savor the Gift of Time in 2013

Eat, Drink and Do Sabbath, for Tomorrow We…

Thanksgiving: A Week to Live Sabbathly

Six Reasons Why Sabbath is Good for Kids

Five Simple Ways to Dip into Sabbath This Weekend

Sabbath and Justice

Wisdom for Runners and Sabbathers

Be Like the Hill: A Quote from Wendell Berry

Excuses, Excuses: Why We Don’t Practice Sabbath Rest

I Forgot to Listen. Twitter Helped Me Remember

On Being a Sabbath Heretic

I also have lots on Sabbath here at the Blue Room. Happy reading!


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