Reverb #22: Travel

December 22 – Travel. How did you travel in 2010? How and/or where would you like to travel next year?

This one’s subtle: how, not where. But I don’t think I can get to the how until I list some of the where.

So… the literal answer:

  • DisneyWorld: excitedly, stressfully, joyfully, with the delight of a child, or three to be exact.
  • Houston, TX: nostalgically, gratefully, with a realization of how far I’ve come and that I’m not likely to return. That is, I may live there again someday, and will surely visit, but of course, I cannot go back.
  • Davidson, NC: with my beloved clergy group: great growth, depth, intellectual rigor and hilarity. It is, without exaggeration, one of my favorite weeks of the year.
  • Collegeville, MN (writing retreat): sinking more deeply into the writing vocation, deep breaths, unhurried, yet incredibly productive.
  • Montreat, NC: great joy, barefoot sabbath times, late night conversations with dear friends.
  • Paris: intuitively, mindfully, with the guidebooks tucked into the suitcase but no agenda beyond that.
  • Prague: as a pilgrim, willing to be guided by others more fluent in the city than I; along for the ride, a rare position for me.
  • Ocean City, MD: a trip of less than 24 hours, a combination of business and pleasure—long sessions of training was the “business,” and sleeping with the windows open to the sea breeze was the pleasure.

The figurative answer is that in 2010 I traveled light and I traveled with baggage; I traveled rigidly in time and space, and I traveled “Sabbathly”; I traveled in solitude and in community; I traveled mindfully and in a sleepwalk.

Next year: I want to go to Collegeville again. The clergy group will go to Austin in May. I’m hoping for a trip to Dallas. And I want to start making plans for a “big trip” with the whole family (perhaps international) in 2012.

How I want to travel: I’m thinking about a word for next year, and the word that keeps coming up is “rootedness.” So I want to live in that paradoxical space in which I venture into some new, exciting territory, while remaining grounded in what is true, good and life-giving. Like that T.S Eliot verse that is so beloved:

We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.

Image: one of the subway stops in Prague. I like the lines on it.

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