Presbyterian Writer

The other day, a Twitter friend referred to herself as a “Presby-writer.” I liked the sound of that—reminded me of “Paperback Writer.” We wrote a couple of lines back and forth on Twitter and I decided to finish it…

We’re like Lennon and McCartney. But y’know, decent and orderly.

Dear sir or madam, will you read my book?
It’s full of prayers, but with a funny hook
It’s based on a treatise by a man named John,
It’s a little long,
But I want to be a Presbyterian Writer… Presbyterian Writer!

It’s based on sermons that I thought were hits,
They are wise, and you could use a couple bits.
I tried to go and work for Lou-a-vull,
But the jobs were null,
So I’m gonna be a Presbyterian Writer… Presbyterian Writer!

Presbyterian Writer…

Of fame and glory I am assured
But they pay me only just a dime a word
I’ve tried to make it in the Century
They rejected me
But I’m gonna be a Presbyterian Writer… Presbyterian Writer!

I can’t seem to write more than these blogposts few,
‘Cause I write a sermon every week or two.
I will write a book if I can find the time
When I hit my prime, I am gonna be a Presbyterian Writer… Presbyterian Writer!
Presbyterian Writer…………

4 thoughts on “Presbyterian Writer

  1. Anitra

    Outstanding! We need to record it now.

    In my mind we’re standing on stage at GA and all the delegates are pressing toward the raised floor, politely and respectfully of course, and throwing their blue name tag pocket protectors onto the podium at us.

    1. mamdblueroom

      Robert said, “There really needs to be a venue where this can be performed.” I said, “There isn’t one. I don’t think you realize just how pointless this bit of writing is.”

      1. Anitra

        These folks do a lunch at GA – they also have a writers conf I went to one year (their first).

        and – its not pointless – if all my writing had to have a point then I’d never write. Isnt that the point of our pointless song? wait, now I’m starting to get confused…


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