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Focus on Form: Written after the Las Vegas Shooting 

Nothing, Something, Everything: The Gospel in Wonder Woman

Three Reasons Why “Because It’s 2015” Is So Brilliant: On Justin Trudeau’s diverse cabinet.

My Stephen Colbert Posts

Question: Why Must We Still Talk about Race? Answer: Twelve. (Huffington Post)

America Deserves a Racist Atticus (Huffington Post)

On Caitlyn Jenner and Pastoring a Transgender Person (cross-posted on Huffington Post)

Controversy is Baked Right In: : On Marriage, the Middle East, and the Presbyterian Church. A companion piece to my article at TIME.com.

The Best of the Sabbath Posts: a list of links from the Sabbath in the Suburbs blog.

The Christian “Brand” Is Beyond Repair

When Bad Theology Happens to Good People: following the tornadoes in Moore, Oklahoma

Deep Acting at 35,000 Feet, and at the Grocery Store: on emotional labor

Faith and Doubt: Where I Begin: not where you might expect a pastor to begin.

Does Civil Disobedience Work? and a follow-up on the same topic, Not Violent Enough

Here I Stand: I can do no other… on the civil rights issue of our time.



A Hidden Cause of Helicopter Parenting

The Harder Thing Is the Easier Thing: my motherhood mantra.

What Are You Paying Attention To?

What Is Parenting Parkour?

Having “The Talk” about Santa



What Novelist John Green Teaches the Church about “Reaching” Young People

On Competition and the Church

Lessons on Stepping into Leadership… by Jimmy Fallon

On Letting Go of Sunday School: on how the Upper Room allowed us to let go of what wasn’t working

Why Congregations Are Stuck

Good Leaders Need a “To Don’t” List

What to Expect When Your Church Is Expecting: a new diagnosis for the church.

A Church That Reinvents Itself

The Problem is the Problem: human powered flight and effecting change.



Out of the Shards: sermon for NEXT Church National Gathering (video here)

A Holy ‘No’: In response to Newtown, CT.

At the Table: Dan Savage and the eucharist.

A Religion of Unachievement: Easter 2012

They Did Not Understand: Easter 2011

Pottermania: Three Sermons on the Gospel and Harry Potter: herehere, and here



Upcycle the Blue Hymnal: ways to use the recently “retired” Presbyterian hymnal

A Blessing of the Cell Phones

Holy Week Helps: what one church did on Palm Sunday and Maundy Thursday 2012.

Tiny Church Gets An Upper Room: read about our progress hereherehere  and here.



Podcasting Made Easy… Even for Small Churches

Evernote for Preachers and Other Smart People

Social Media for Pastors and Other Adults

Design Your Own Preacher Camp and What Makes a Clergy Group Work


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