Monday Runday: Happy New Year!

This will be a quick post, since it’s my birthday.

45! Woot!

For the last three birthdays, I’ve done a mile time trial at the track. (Do I know how to party or what?) A mile is just one measure of fitness–and even that is a snapshot in time, not the whole story–but it’s a cool benchmark to have as one starts a new year (and in my case, a new year of life).

Last year I invited running buddies to join me, and this year I did it again. This morning we had temps in the 30s and rain, but a small-but-cheery crowd braved the elements to run our hearts out. (Some just came to walk loops and cheer for the others! How awesome is that? Of course, the promise of a nice warm Starbucks afterward was a big draw too.)


Last year’s birthday mile was a mixed bag. It was better than it could have been, coming off of injury, but not as great as I secretly hoped.

Today was better. I ran my second fastest mile ever, and am just nine seconds away from a personal best.

More importantly, I paced myself well. You can see I’m wearing my “I love running, I hate running” headband. That’s the way I feel about these miles. They’re rough. I told someone yesterday that I’d rather run a half marathon than a fast mile. That’s an exaggeration, but not a huge one. I like the pace and strategy of a long race. And on the mile I typically poop out in the third lap and generally hate life. Not this time! I still started too fast but was able to end fast (for me), and the middle was consistent.

But most importantly, I got to be around friends who came out to support me and run with me, and who give me a birthday banner for my car:


Running is such a numbers-driven sport, but numbers only tell part of the story. As a confirmed middle-of-the-packer, I’ll never be the fastest runner, but you’d be hard pressed to find someone who loves it more. And a big part of that is the running community and the lifelong friends I’ve made. I wish the same for you, whatever your fitness journey looks like.

Body happy. Heart happy.

4 thoughts on “Monday Runday: Happy New Year!

  1. Sarah Erickson

    Missing my walk due to really heavy rai, but that only encourages me to “do more on the floor,” one of my 2017 fitNess intentions. So, there!

    Glad you had a good run to start your 4th year!

  2. Roy Howard

    There is something about those PR times that draw you forward. I enjoy knowing my times and setting PR goals. My daughter on the other hand, a dedicated marathon runner despises both. She just wants to run and pay little attention to time.


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