It’s Here!

Look at The Boy's surprise!

And look at the nice things Publishers Weekly said about it:

Dana, a Presbyterian pastor, brings a fresh voice and energy to the familiar topic of time management as understood by people who would describe themselves as either religious or spiritual but not religious: Sabbath-keeping. She writes from a perspective that many can relate to, that of a suburban mother of three who works part-time. Bringing the gift of self-awareness and irony, Dana notes that a four-minute difference in school bus rides ought not to prompt a letter-writing campaign from anxious parents. She also brings theological awareness of the historical practice and meaning of Sabbath-keeping. Dana writes in a distinct voice about making a traditional religious practice meaningful to contemporary families…

Order here or here. Or, if I’m going to see you in the next few weeks, I would be overjoyed to unload one or more of my advance copies.

10 thoughts on “It’s Here!

  1. Mamala

    When I got this book & saw that it was aimed at a “family’s” experiment in observing the Sabbath in the Suburbs, I thought, well, I’ll read it but not much of it will apply to me. You see, I’m an empty nester & I live in the heart of Washington DC. Was I ever surprised? Of course there are wonderful stories about this young family & their adventures with slowing down for just 1 day a week. Parts of many of the stories made me laugh out loud. I loved the author’s honesty about not doing this (observing Sabbath) perfectly. I tend to be a perfectionist about things & if I mess up, well then, I just scrap the whole thing. The author gave me permission to mess up & try again, without feeling guilty or like I’ve failed. One of the other things I liked about the book were the “hacks” at the end of chapters. These gave really practical advice on how to implement Sabbath in my own life. And 1 more thing, the Jewish & Christian theology was informative & practical & didn’t deter this Unitarian!

  2. Suzanne Walsh

    Congratulations Mary Ann! Very excited for you. I have to say this is something I have struggled with and as a Mom of three, like you I am hoping I can pick up some tips for your experience! I ordered my copy today, hope it comes soon!

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