It’s Encourage an Artist Day!

First, let me say what a feast of wisdom you all have provided with your quote suggestions for my empty epigraph slot! Keep ’em coming!

Contest closes at 5 p.m. today and then I have decisions to make.

(You improve your chances of winning if you provide bibliographic information, including page number…or at least enough info for me to find it easily. The deadline’s breathing down my neck.)

But I’m actually writing to tell you that it’s Encourage an Artist Day. Yes, I just made that up but it’s my blog and I can do that.

This morning I got an e-mail from an elder at a Presbyterian Church in Ohio. Their pastor recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of his ordination and this elder was looking for something to mark the occasion. She found this litany I wrote, a reaffirmation of ordination vows. I originally wrote it for my annual preacher camp, The Well, but decided to send it to Reformed Worship on the hunch that there aren’t many litanies of this kind out there.

It was such a gift to receive this elder’s e-mail, I cannot even tell you. It was a simple thanks, nothing elaborate, but it came at just the right time.

So I charge you, Blue Room readers who value creativity and beauty, who read widely and revel in artistic expressions—send a note of encouragement or thanks to a preacher, writer, artist, blogger, musician or [fill in the blank]. With Twitter and Facebook and other means of communication, it’s easier than ever to be in touch with the people who inspire you. And report back on how it went!

Sending my note right now…

5 thoughts on “It’s Encourage an Artist Day!

  1. anne

    over the week-end a friend died suddenly. when i looked back over the emails i received from him through the years, they were almost all ones of affirmation, encouragement, and thanks. having people like that in our lives really DOES make a difference.
    kudos for coming up with a new way to encourage encouragement and affirm affirmation!

  2. Sarah

    After chapel, I spoke to the person I sat next two, and sung harmony with on the hymns…a prof from whom I took Ethics, and mentioned a particular novel I had read in the class, one that stayed with me and helped me make all kinds of connections. I said thanks, and we talked about the use of literature and learning. I think I did what you hoped, even before I saw this post.
    Blessings, MAMD – and thanks for the encouragement.You go, woman!


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