It’s a Birthday… and That Means Gifts!


Sabbath in the Suburbs was released exactly one year ago!


Yeah… that was a party horn.

What a fun, harrowing, joyful, tense, and fascinating experience it is to write and publish a book. I’m so thankful for the folks at Chalice Press and The Young Clergy Women Project for believing in the book and supporting it.

I’m especially grateful for the cast of thousands—that’s you guys—who have supported me by reading the book… and for those who have reviewed it on Amazon (one of you as recently as this weekend), told friends about it, and shared it with book groups and Sunday School classes.

Speaking of groups…

In honor of this milestone, I’m giving away a Sabbath Book Group Study Pack to two lucky winners. This includes five signed copies of the book, a printed copy of the Sabbath Supplementals discussion materials, and hi-def versions of the five Sabbath videos on flash drive. I’ll also throw in a couple of fun extras to help your group have a great time together.

(But wait, some of you may say. I’m not connected to a church or group! That’s cool. In fact, many of the book’s fans are non-religious or otherwise unaffiliated. If you win, I’ll send you the five books for you to give to friends or distribute as you wish. And you’ll still get the fun mystery extras.)

To enter the drawing, you can either:

1. Tweet about Sabbath in the Suburbs and/or the Sabbath Supplementals; please include my Twitter handle (@revmamd) so I can keep track of your entry.

2. Share about the book and/or the Supplementals on Facebook. Again, be sure to tag me so I know you’ve done this and your entry will count.

3. Email or otherwise contact a friend whom you think would be interested in the book. Comment here to let me know you’ve done that (yes, you’re on the honor system for this one).

Each time you do one of the following, you will be entered, so feel free to mix it up. But don’t go overboard. People don’t like that.

Contest closes on Wednesday at 10 p.m. Eastern. (I’m sorry that I can only ship to the United States and Canada.)

And now… who’s up for some virtual cake?


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12 thoughts on “It’s a Birthday… and That Means Gifts!

  1. Mindy

    Oh, thanks for the contest. This is just to let you know I sent off an email to a pastor friend suggesting your book for her and her church.

  2. Nurya

    I don’t know if my earlier tweet counted since I did it before I knew about the giveaway. So, I posted to Facebook also. Would love to share this with the church I serve!

  3. Norma Brettell

    What great ideas! I am just learning of your book now (from RevGalBlogPals. I hope to get my first call soon and would love to use these materials! I’ve emailed 3 of my colleagues that graduated with me who are looking for their first calls and serving in temporary assignments in the meanwhile. Thanks so much for the contest!!

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  5. Shannon

    What a great bday idea! Was just recently introduced to your book as a newish member of the YCWP while our elders are having a conversation about burnout. Emailed this book as an option for a Lenten study….would love to be able to have and use all the pieces.

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  7. Emily

    I messaged a candidate under care of our presbytery about your book. When she advanced to candidacy a few months ago, she spoke about weaving sabbath into her seminary journey.

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