I Kinda Wish I Was Fat

Several months ago I wrote a post wondering whether we could reclaim the word “fat.” I’m still not sure it’s something the culture can or will ever get on board with. But if nothing else, it’s worth pondering as a mental exercise: can we redeem words that have been used to shame?

That question has spiritual implications, by the way.

Anyway, if you were still trying to get your mind around my argument, check out this video (3 minutes) of a woman responding to YouTube commenters calling her fat. (Once again let me remind you that Internet comments are the best proof for total depravity that we have. Score 1 for the Calvinists.)

I almost wish I were still [overweight, fat, BMI 29, insert descriptor here] just to stand with this sassy gal.

BTW, rarely have I heard the words “f*** you” delivered with such joie de vivre. It’s bleeped out, but still. If that offends you, don’t watch.

(h/t: Keith)

6 thoughts on “I Kinda Wish I Was Fat

  1. Rachel Heslin

    I love how this is making the rounds. A friend of mine wants to turn “Why does it hurt you if I don’t hate myself?” into a rallying cry against bullies of all stripes.

  2. Shala Howell

    Well, that video is awesome! But I do question your assumption that you can’t stand loud and proud with this girl just because you are in a different place in your weight journey. I think she’d be cool with that. Her point seems to be that we should all be allowed to be comfortable with our bodies, no matter what they look like. Even you skinny people. 🙂


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