Happy Birthday Robert!

Robert is 40 today!!! Yippee!!!!

To celebrate, here are some fireworks, h/t Colossal. These are long exposure photographs, but the twist is that the photographer started the shot out of focus, then focused once the explosion started.

I could draw an analogy between these photos and a life well lived, how it’s all a combination of breathtaking clarity and soft focus, and a trust in the long view of things.

Eh, never mind. Just enjoy…



More at the link.

R, you’re the best.

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Robert!

  1. Jill

    I’ve ordered the usual birthday gift for Robert, but unfortunately I was late in ordering so it will be late in arriving. Still, Happy Birthday Robert!

  2. jillsusan

    Happy Birthday Robert. I ordered the usual gift for you, but ordered it late so it won’t probably reach you today. Look for it soon!


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