Field Trip to the Pet Store… With Bonus Cute-Animal Video

Caroline has a 40-minute piano lesson each Monday afternoon. Her teacher’s house is just a liiiiiiiittle too far away to be worth going all the way home during it, so Margaret, James and I have found fun ways to pass the time. The regional library is close by, so we go there a lot. Another common destination is the pet store, especially when we need to stock up on Maya’s food.

It’s a cliche to say that kids are totally delighted by seemingly mundane things, but it’s true, and I’m reminded of it every time we go to the pet store. Picking out the food takes less than 10 minutes, which leaves us a lot of time to admire the ferrets, see which cats have arrived for adoption since last time, count the ball pythons, and look for Nemo and Dori amid the tanks full of tetras and baby koi. They watch the hermit crabs as intently as they do the pandas at the National Zoo.

Most of the time, the animals just do what they do, but occasionally we get a treat, something we would have missed if we’d gone right from the catfood section to the checkout:

10 thoughts on “Field Trip to the Pet Store… With Bonus Cute-Animal Video

  1. anne

    this morning i was re-reading an altar in the world—the part about reverence. one of the quotations was from the color purple: ‘I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it.’
    you and m and j certainly saw ‘the color purple’ at the pet shop. . . and then you helped us to see it too.

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